Mental Health,  Social Justice and The Human-Animal Bond.

In both her clinical work and in her writing, Pia addresses topics ranging from the loss of a companion animal to the climate of animal welfare as it relates to social justice on a broader scale.

Pia’s extensive involvement in the animal rescue efforts following Hurricane Katrina led to her work consulting for municipalities regarding humane reform.

Dr. Salk’s media appearances cover such topics as how adopting an animal not only saves lives, but makes for good parenting and promotes pro-social behavior in today’s youth.

Dr. Salk’s therapy practice includes both individual and couples therapy.  She can meet in-person or via tele therapy.

Therapeutic Approach

The needs of each client, couple or family vary. I believe it is important to meet people where they are, rather than to insist on a specific course of action.

One of my guiding principles is to “Assume Nothing.” I find this allows a clients most pressing needs to unfold more naturally.

The Human-Animal Bond

Companion animals play an important role in our individual lives, as members of the family and in society overall.

Issues that can be a focus of counseling include loss of an animal companion, emotional support animals, animal advocacy and compassion fatigue.

Diversity and Social Justice

Dr Salk developed “Worldview Training,” an inclusive approach to diversity training.

Her approach looks specifically at the human relationship to animals of other species as a way to understand how societal misuses of power impact marginalized individuals of all races, orientations, beliefs and species.



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